Regular 2D Videos in VR

27 Dec 2015

Here is a Media Player Classic plug-in that displays traditional 2D videos on the Oculus Rift DK2, mimicing a cinematic experience.

Even though we are few months away from the release of the VR headsets, I found numerous VR video players available, either free or paid. However, none of them provided me the simple "just works" and familiar experience I was looking for, hence this work.

Azis fingering the red guitar in VR.

To activate, download the plugin, open MPC-HC and go to View->Options->Playback->Shaders. Then click on "Add shader file" pointing the downloaded file, followed by "Add to pre-resize". Run the Oculus without an Oculus driver (which will make it appear as a regular display), or in extended mode (runtime 0.6). Then drag the MPC-HC window onto the Oculus display and press ALT+Enter to maximize.

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