Quake 3

12 May 2019

This year is Quake 3's 20th anniversary! It is my favorite game (along with StarCraft: Broodwar) and since it is now open source I decided to give it minor updates, to restore its status of perfection. There are other mods, such as ioQuake3, but my goal here was to do minimal changes, and true to the initial spirit, the final patch is only about a page of strategically placed new code.

Original on the left & this patch on the right


  • Anisotropic texture filtering option in Setup->System->Graphics.
  • Widescreen resolutions.
  • DPI awareness.
  • Power efficient game loop.

The first item improves texture quality on floors and walls in the distance and should be supported by all modern GPUs. If the GPU does not support the extension, anisotropic filtering will be grayed out in the menu. The last item makes the game consume just 2% of my CPU cycles, from bloody to bloody green.

Updates to the graphics options


Mod zip or git source patch.

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