Making a Coronavirus Face Mask

31 March 2020

I wanted to design and donate a face mask that satisfied these requirements:

  • Low weight (under 20 grams + transparency sheet)
  • Low strap tension to prevent discomfort
  • Fast to print (under 30 min)
  • Robust
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wraps around the face
  • Stays more than 1" away from the nose to prevent fog and discomfort

A comfortable face mask separates my germs from other people's germs.

I believe I was able to hit those due to several design choices:

  • The transparent sheet is glued to the 3D printed frame, helping with structural rigidity.
  • Frontal shape of two concentric circles with evenly spaced loading bars, making the shape rigid to compression and horizontal shear.

Requirements and Files

  • Face shield stl.
  • Gluing clamp stl. (optional)
  • Printer transparency or transparent binding covers (stronger).
  • Trasnaprent all purpose glue. I am using the Go2 Glue with success.
  • Elasic head band, approx. 5mm x 1.5mm cross section.

Assembly Process


  1. Sand down the printed surface that will touch the wearer's forehead with fine sandpaper.
  2. Cut the elastic band in 2 halves. Make one of the cuts where the loop is pre-glued.
  3. Fold the end of the elastic band and insert into the slot.
  4. Squirt glue inside the loop and along the slot.

  5. The 3 steps above.

  6. Squirt a small amount of glue along the transparency guide channel.
  7. Insert the transparency into the channel firmly and clamp it with the clamps.
  8. Let it sit for 30 minutes.

  9. The assembled face shield standing on the clamps while the glue hardens.

  10. Try it on and if desired, trim the bottom edges with scissors.


Slicer settings are printer-specific, but here is what I used:

Cura Settings
Don't forget to print with the transparency channel facing up. That's it!

First batch that was delivered to local ER.

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