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Making a Coronavirus Face Mask

31 March 2020

I wanted to design and donate a face mask that satisfied these requirements:

  • Low weight (under 20 grams + transparency sheet)
  • Low strap tension to prevent discomfort
  • Fast to print (under 30 min)
  • Robust
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wraps around the face
  • Stays more than 1" away from the nose to prevent fog and discomfort

A comfortable face mask separates my germs from other people's germs.

I believe I was able to hit those due to several design choices:

  • The transparent sheet is glued to the 3D printed frame, helping with structural rigidity.
  • Frontal shape of two concentric circles with evenly spaced loading bars, making the shape rigid to compression and horizontal shear.

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