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Rouslan Dimitrov

2701 San Tomas Expressway
Santa Clara
CA 95050 USA

+1 408 507-7327
- Invent your future. Be creative, but also open your door with a smile :-)

I Am ...

... a GPU architect at NVIDIA.

In my spare time I co-designed a small satellite and build electronic gadgets. Some of them are described in my blog.

I used to compose piano and electronic music, playable below.

My professional endeavours are in Linked-In , and in my self-formatted resume.

Audio and 8 Bit Gadgets


Powered speaker with a novel & minimalistic cross-over + amplifier.


MIDI-controlled monophonic synthesizer.

DAMP - Digital Amplifier

Class D power amplifier implemented on a microcontroller.

Sound Distorter

Chip tune player.

My Synth and Piano Tunes

Click on a song to load it in the player


Raving in the night. [mp3]


Monster Waltz

An alien dance. [mp3] [midi]

Blossom and Storm

A story of a snowdrop. [mp3] [midi] [pdf]

Fluid Motion

Never ending melody flow. [mp3] [midi]

Dark Castle

A knight vs. dragon epic. [mp3] [midi]

Semi-Tone Slide

Imagine a jazz band with a keyboardist that can only play neighboring keys! [mp3] [midi] [solo]


For pizzicato lovers. [mp3] [midi]


Late at Night

Melodic synths written way past midnight. They have no beginning nor end - 'repeat on' is your only friend ;) [mp3] [midi]

Elfaria Mireille

Classically sounding piece. [mp3] [midi] [pdf]

Good-Bye Tango

Passion with a dash of Balkan motifs. [mp3] [midi] [pdf]

Mama Macci

Jazzy piano with a melodic square wave. [mp3] [midi]


Stranded in Sofia by Eyjafjallajokul. [mp3] [flp]


Happy Birthday

An improvisation on the famous theme and a present for my dear friend.



The untold stories of IU-Bremen. Duke Nukem theme included. Strictly over 18 please.


Older adventures + some new experimentation.

Imperial (College) Strategies

Portfolio Optimization with Profit Prediction

or in other words - what we need to know for making money automatically. No prior knowledge is required because I derive all presented theory from scratch. The first two chapters can be used as a crash-course to basic computational finance while the rest introduces the damping model of financial markets. (Masters Individual Project)

Brain-Fiber Tractography

Software to trace and display the wires in our brains! (Masters Group Project)

Nvidian Recipes

Horizon-Split Ambient Occlusion

This screen-space method computes the ambient shadows due to the horizon as seen by every screen pixel. We symbolically integrate 1-dimension of the occlusion volume integral, thus turning the ambient occlusion problem into an effiecient 2D search, mixed with a slice of lighting Physics.

Version 2, among other things, very succinctly explains that by moving the Lambertian back into the integral you get better looks and it's simpler!

Cascaded Shadow Maps

This is an efficient technique to increase shadow precision by changing the shadowmap LOD based on the distance from the observer. Click on the white-paper to see some cows casting great shadows in the Grand Canyon :)

Fluid Simulation & Rendering

Get a few cute looking balls, give them a forcefield and simulate them as oversized H2Os (which scientists like to call SPH). The challenge is how to make the surface look smooth and sometimes even foamy. Here we learn how to do all that in screen space.

Graphics Fun Instead of Doing Homework

rmapc - BSP map compiler for games

rmapc removes hidden surfaces, precomputes visibility vectors and builds static collision detection trees. Ingredients: Multithreading - 100% and SIMD - 100%.

Demo Reel

I wrote this demo when I (successfully) applied to the Max Planck Institute for Computer Graphics. We need to bring a special spice that grows only on the moon!

Rox 3D

For this one, we need to go hunting on an alien planet. Caution: it is addictive!

Solid Environment Reconstruction

In case your rescue robot needs a vision update... (Bachelor Thesis)

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